International residency 23 September 2011

Skopelos Island, Greece – 2011

Skopelos Island, Greece – 2011

In 2011 Angela participated in an international workshop and residency at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts studio in Greece on an island in the northern Sporades Island group in the western Aegean Sea.  Here she worked with master printer Basil Hall, assistant Steph Bolt and 13 other artists.  Visiting fruit orchards and olive groves provided the inspiration to draw the strong sculptural forms and it was the gnarled and twisted century-old olive trees, the symbol of enduring life, those structural and resilient forms that were expressed in etchings and linocut limited edition prints.  The workshop provided an opportunity to interpret the local landscape in the purpose-built architect designed studio with facilities  overlooking the beautiful Aegean Sea.

Skopelos Foundation for the Arts was established by founder, Gloria Carr, who moved to Skopelos from the USA and set up this non-profit foundation with important links to major United States universities and institutions.

Upon returning home to Australia Angela produced another suite of works comprising limited edition layered carved woodblock images and lino etchings of abundant olive branches, leaves, blossoms and olive fruit printed on high quality handmade papers in scroll-like arrangements utilizing the wood grains and embossing through the printing process.

The ‘olive branch’ was often a symbol of eternity, abundance, glory and peace in the ancient world.   In this work an ancient Greek poem by Hermogenes is referenced.



Limited edition woodcuts and etched lino prints


Skopelos goats & olive tree

Typical olive grove landscape


Skopelos_mixing ink

Angela mixing ink in the studio


Skopelos Foundation for the Arts

Purpose-built architect designed arts studio


Skopelos Foundation studio

Morning review with Basil Hall and group


Limninari Beach

Approaching Limnonari Beach


Skopelos Harbour

The harbour from our apartment balcony


Skopelos sailing-2

Sailing to the island of Alonysis for lunch


Skopelos sunrise

Sunrise from our apartment balcony


Skopelos steps

The old part of Skopelos town


Glisteri Beach

Glisteri beach – a favourite lunch and swim spot