International Exhibition 26 November 2012

6th Bienal International De Gravura do Douro, Portugal

6th Bienal International De Gravura do Douro, Portugal

In 2012 Angela exhibited her work for the second time in Douro’s bi-annual printmaking exhibition along with 325 international artists, attending the opening.   Founder and Director of the Bienal, Nuno Canelas, organised six venues throughout the Douro region to exhibit 650 artworks.  It was a large undertaking and a beautiful hard-bound catalogue was produced for the occasion.

Exhibition dates:  10 August – 30 September 2012

2012 Printmaking Residency, Douro, Portugal

In August, Angela attended a four-day non-toxic printmaking workshop in Alijo, in the region of the beautiful Douro winemaking district of Portugal.  Master printmaker, Professor Fernando Santiago of Puerto Rico, presented the class to fifteen artists from twelve countries and was assisted by Victor Oliver, also from Puerto Rico.

Fernando demonstrated a variety of techniques on a number of material substrates not requiring the traditional toxic solutions.  The workshop was held at the site of one of the venues hosting the 6th Bienal International De Gravura Do Douro.

Whilst in the Douro region, Angela sketched from the local trees and landscape to develop a body of work upon returning to Sydney.

In Portugal, Angela was inspired by the extensive use of beautiful 17th Century hand-painted ceramic tiles depicting life and landscape scenes, used as wall cladding both externally and internally on many significant public buildings and churches.  Research for Angela’s future ceramic work was carried out into the technical process, history and materials of tiles by visiting exhibitions and significant collections at the Portuguese government-run Bank of Materials in Porto, and at the Museu National Do Azulego in Lisbon.


Artists in Residence


At the press with Professor Fernando Santiago


Alijo religious ceremony


The Duoro River in the town of Pinhao in the Douro Region of Portugal